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    Celebrating 51 years of service in our community since 1973






  • The Best in Pest Control

    Jackson Exterminators is an honest, family-owned business that has proudly served the Portland metro area since 1973. We are knowledgable about Oregon's pests and committed to solving problems for our customers. You can rely on us to respond in a quick, friendly, and efficient manner with pest solutions that are healthy for your family, your business and the environment. The person you speak with on the phone will be the one who shows up at your door.


    Our goal is to help you eliminate your pest problems, both in the immediate and long term. We won't ever sell you anything you don't need. We are commtted to your safety, health, and well-being.


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    Commercial Pest Control

    We service food processing plants, restaurants, health and elder care facilities and country clubs.

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    Residential Pest Control

    We offer ant control and prevention, cockroach control, flea treatments, rodent control and rodent exclusion.

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    Hotel Pest Control

    Keeping a clean, pest-free hotel is of the utmost importance for your business and reputation. We provide emergency and ongoing pest control.

  • About Us


    Jackson Exterminators serves the Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington metro areas, providing fast, expert pest control solutions tailored to the unique needs of every customer.


    Safe, Environmentally Responsible
    Historically, pest management solutions have included a high proportion of chemical sprays. As technology has improved and customers have demanded less toxic measures, Jackson Exterminators has responded. We are highly trained and experienced in the use of effective but minimally invasive products. We strive to solve pest problems in environmentally sound ways through bait, trap, and enzyme treatments. If necessary, we will use appropriate chemical measures. Our commitment to safe and environmentally friendly practice is a cornerstone of our company.


    In 1973, Dick Jackson moved with his family from Waterloo, Iowa, to Portland, Oregon and began Jackson Pest Control, which became Jackson Exterminators, Inc. (JEI) in 1994. Dick sold the business in 2006 to his son John, who currently owns and operates JEI. John lives in SW Portland with his wife of 30 years, Amy, and is a regular volunteer for Cycle Oregon and the Royal Rosarians.

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    The first generation of Jackson Exterminators, Dick (left) and Paul (right) Jackson. Thank you, Dick, for following your dream and starting this business 51 years ago.

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    Parked in the field in Tualatin, the Jackson Exterminators truck is discreet and professional.

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